About Leave as Group

Leave as Group is a Norwegian gaming / streaming community with the main focus on having serious fun. LaG was created on June 10, 2016 by Svein Kristian " ZashQ ", Kenneth Lee " niceleedone " and Erick John " terrorrice " only for fun with social gaming among 6 colleagues.

In recent years, we at Leave as Group have held fundraising broadcasts for various charitable causes, including Mental Health & Amnesty.

What was then a small gaming group, had no hopes or goals that it would become the community it is today. In October 2018, the small group decided to go "public" to Twitch.tv Norway and around. they had already played a lot and got to know Tinasaurus and Stekare1k for a while, they felt it was natural to invite them first. Both accepted gracefully and became the first members who were not from the start and neither from the same district. Leave as Group's "popularity" increased after our first IRL meeting; LaG-LAN and Christmas table in December 2018 which was arranged at niceleedone and broadcast via twitch.tv both from the home and the room where the Christmas table was arranged. At the Christmas table, the participants also got a little surprise that the diligent, kind and humorous streamer Finnsdal had chosen to join the ranks. The time from La